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 From the first day his mother learned she was pregnant to Darius, his father, a village chief, was killed. When his mother died, the ignorant peasants assumed the worst, that the child was twisted,malformed and cursed. His father's jealous rivals left him in the jungle to die. A witch doctor found him while he was still alive. He raised him, and taught him the way of the Brujo. Darius growing up stronger, he was finally able to overthrown his teacher, also reclaiming his birthright. He ruled his kingdom for decades, always expanding his reach. When one day, a spirit came to him. Jonah, the servant of Rama Kushna, Despite his powers, the spirit was able to possess him and take him to Nanda Parbat, where Rama had exiled the world's worst villains. He spent 80 years under Rama's watchful eye until he became a good person.

Deadman: Dead Again

 During the beginning of Dead Again story, he seems to be killing himself. Showing up later in the "Dead Zone" he confronts Deadman, but he reveals to him his plan was to trap Flash's spirit in his Soul Cage. Following the story, Darius succeeds on capturing Robin's soul in one of his Soul Cages again. While trying to capture Superman's spirit, Deadman steps in and instead he gets trapped. It is then when Neron shows up revealing he was behind all these, and with the help of Darius' Soul Cages he would be able to capture the spirits of the Heroes, and Darius motivations of inhabiting the body of Superman. Neron, knowing from previous experience that it wasn't possible to inhabit Superman's body, he tricked Darius, by telling him their bargain was a steal, as a result of devouring his soul. Later in the final issue, it's revealed that Darius was still alive, and all these were part of Neron's plan on a different time stream, that have yet to happen, and it's up to Deadman to prevent it.
 Neron devouring Darius' soul

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