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She is born of Human and demon union, this makes her a succubus, she grows strong and kills others when having sex. She is a student of an old man, who wishes that she would use her sorcery for good. The master once named Gideon the Dragonslayer passes her the weapon known as Sword of Lucifer and a tome named Key of Solomon. She however sees that as a way to be free of her teacher, and kills him. Using the knowledge of the tome and the Sword, she summons the prince of hell, archdemon Botis, who also is her father. She asked him how to heal her mother. The demon tells her that she needs the blood of Merlin and only one who can bleed him is Butcher Knight. Next on her to do list is, get the Darkness power. She seeks out Jackie Estacado and uses her magic to steal it, then she gets on a flight to Paris. Jackie, Lara Croft And Sara Pezzini have traveled there already, she senses it and takes over the plane. Crashing it to the reception area, she makes her escape. In Notre Dame, she releases Butcher Knight, who was bound to a stone gargoyle. Sara uses Witchblade to fight Daria, and somehow returns Jackie's Darkness powers to him. Seeing how odds move against her, Daria makes her escape with Butcher Knight.

After settling in Ruby, California, Daria kick her plan in gear. She lures Merlin to a art-show, where she confronts him. She actually asks for his blood first, but is refused, a fight ensures. Daria manages to beat Merlin, but his demon familiars help him escape. She transforms into a fox and follows Merlin's tracks. Luther Washington get captured, she tries to watch through the mystic ways what is happening to him, but is blacked out by opposing magic. Then she decides to visit the captors in person and breaks Butcher Knight out. she needs some demon-dog heads for a ritual and sends Butcher Knight on the hunt. Soon they are attacked by Merlin himself, four witches are sent against Daria, but they are no match for her hellish power. At the same time Butcher Knight fights Merlin and defeats him. Daria arrives there just as Luther eats Marlin's heart and frees himself from the Butcher Knight. Daria has no hold on him anymore and tries to kill him, but Luther once went by the name on Lancelot, and there is no match for him in sword fight. After seeing no other way, Daria reveals that Guinevere is still alive and that she would help him find her, if Luther yet again serves her, and he accepts that.

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