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Daria was created by Mike Judge as a supporting character in MTV's Beavis & Butt-Head animated series. She received her own spin-off series, which also aired on MTV. In print, Daria appeared in Marvel Comics' Beavis & Butt-Head series. Currently, the character is in creative limbo.


Daria Morgendoffer is a student at Highland High School in Judge's home state of Texas. She is very intelligent and a member of the student Model UN. She is very sarcastic.

She is the only one who sees Beavis and Butt-Head for what they truly are: unreachable morons. She often takes shots at their intelligence, and they retaliate by calling her "Diarrhea." She takes no offense to their insults because she knows they are just idiots. Sometimes, perhaps out of pity, she tries to give them advice, but the duo usually take her words of wisdom out of context and fail to learn any valuable lesson.

Daria moved from Highland to Lawndale in her spin-off show Daria. Her television is frequently on a series titled Sick, Sad World.On Daria's first day of school, she immediately is pegged off as a misfit, whereas her popular sister Quinn fits in easily. Daria has two very loving devoted parents: Helen, who is career-obsessed, and her father, Jake, who can never get a business deal and is always ignored. Daria soon meets another outcast, Jane Lane. Jane is as equally disillusioned as Daria, and they get along easily with both of their cynical humor. For the first three seasons, Daria has a crush on Jane's older brother, Trent, who is the lead singer for the rock group Mystic Spiral. Daria mainly gets along with everyone in school except for Quinn and her peers, the fashion club. Jane eventually later develops a relationship with a wealthy boy named Tom Sloane. Daria and Jane's friendship is tested when Daria and Tom start to fall for each other, leading to a kiss. Despite the dissolution of Jane and Tom's relationship, there is still some lingering tension between Daria and Jane, but eventually, this fades. Later in the show, Quinn starts to change from being a shallow fashionista to being a human being. The design on her shirt changes in season 4 to show that show that she doesn't have to wear skimpy clothing to be who she is, and she recognizes that a woman can be both smart and attractive. In the made for T.V. movie Is It College Yet? Daria and Tom break up. Daria and Jane both go off to college in Boston, which means they still get to see one another and have their usual pizza chats. Daria ran for five seasons and two television movies.

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