Daredevil #27

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The Good

There's nothing like reading a long story arc and seeing how all the minute pieces fit together. With Mark Waid's DAREDEVIL, we've been treated to an insane ride. After reading this issue, I know want to immediately go back and re-read the entire series. Not in a way that there was confusion but more out of the appreciation in seeing how it all turned out.

Daredevil has been targeted by an enemy. That enemy has been revealed and it's time for the final showdown. So many close to Matt Murdock are at risk and you'll be on the edge of your seat as there's no telling what will happen. Matt's life has always been full of tragedy. We've seen him go through dark times. This is where we get answers and a firm conclusion.

It's likely been said a million times but Chris Samnee's art is phenomenal. With Javier Rodriguez's art, it's like we're transported to an amazingly beautiful and deadly world. I found myself just going back over the pages and staring at the art once I finished reading.

The Bad

This was just so dang good. I want more.

The Verdict

Have you been reading Mark Waid's DAREDEVIL? Of course you have. You've been loving it, right? Waid and Chris Samnee have been so incredibly generous to Daredevil fans these past several issues. It's been such a fun and long ride, finally seeing how this story ends is great, if also a little sad at the same time. But we can assume there's more great stories to come. Samnee's art with Javier Rodriguez/s art is a visual treat. Every single page is packed with glorious art combined with Waid's fantastic story. Now that this story is over, I absolutely want to go back and read it all over again.

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one of the best books ever

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Poor Bullseye.He just can't get a break lol

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I love this book so freaking much

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i love the Daredevil series. can't wait to read this one!

EDIT: just read it! 5/5. very good

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I really liked it, I thought Matt's secret plan with his friends was great. I liked the end with Bullseye.

The only thing I wish is that Ikari got more of a chance to fight DD. That was a bit of a letdown. I'm sure we'll see him again, but it would have been nice to see his fight last just another page or so.

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Such a great issue to an amazing 27 issue arch >.< I will miss Samnee's interiors but his kid is more important. We'll at least get his covers n.n

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First read in a huge stack this week. Fantastic! I loved seeing Hank Pym, Iron Fist, Spidey and Natasha. Wonder if Mark Waid has anything else planned for Bullseye later down the road?

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I don't like what Waid has done to Bullseye. He's now so far removed from the villain you love to hate. I was looking forward to him coming back, but not like this.

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nice review, I apreciate the lack of spoilers. Have yet to pick it up but I like the way it sounds.

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The short scenes with Hank, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, and Black Widow were awesome! Ikari is cool. Not enough of him though

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Another incredible issue, but I can't seem to get past how Bullseye is able to respond to Matt if he's deaf and Matt's not in his line of sight, or how hospital and mental home staff don't recognize Giant-Man or Black Widow when they're in full costume.

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As I said in my review, the one issue I had was the whimpering kind of ending.

The issue in and of itself was great. There was, as usual, nothing wrong with it. It just didn't feel like a five star issue to me personally. I gave it a four. I totally see why it could get fives, though.

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Yeah I was also confused by how bullseye was responding if he was deaf...was it more of a hard of hearing deaf? Either way, fantastic issue, incredible series and I can't wait to see what's next! Apparently some kid beats daredevil is what we're led to believe.

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im kinda disappointed how easy DD defeated them all.. i doubt this is the end of Bullseyes revenge

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This was really, really disappointing end to one of my favourite runs.

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I was hoping to see DD brawl with Ikari again and this time put the fear in him! They did fight but it was not satisfying. I know they had to wrap it up but I would of loved to see at least one page of DD beating the snot out of that little jerk! Especially after Ikari basically let DD live! I wanted to see the revenge! =D

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