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 Let me get this straight: I know there are many haters of this movie and I also get WHY they hate it and agree with them on many things. Personally, I liked this movie. It is not my favorite, sure, but it is one I really like. 
It is my opinion that most, if not all, superhero movies argue what is the ideal way to mete out justice; if just "catch and put in jail", "punish then put in jail" or "eliminate". Daredevil in particular argues this - it reminds me a lot of what Doc Samson says in Thunderbolts no. 118: "If you don't make yourself be seen doing good things, then no-one's going to know when the good guys have shown up." Since people throughout the movie people witnessed either the results of his brand of justice (Quesada) or him whaling on people whom witnesses didn't know were guilty, so it was natural that Daredevil was viewed as a villain rather than  a hero. 
To be honest, what I did not like was inconsistencies throughout the movie:
1. It is established early on and by the end of the movie that loud noises cause DD's radar sense to go haywire....and yet when he wakes up he puts on LOUD MUSIC.
2. Colin Farrel's Bullseye was amazing and hardcore...I particularly liked the way he was introduced and the plane scene were he killed the old women...BUT there was one scene I absolutely...not hated...just, meh. It didnt lead to anything. The scene were he meets the Kingpin and says "I want a f***in costume." It JUST LED TO NOTHING! that quip was POINTLESS. but that s kinda forgiveable. Pointless, but forgiveable.
3. From where did DD get his suit?? he's BLIND so how the hell did he make it? also applies for his headquarters... he's a lawyer whom, as established, did not get many high-profile and high-paying customers...from were did he get the money??
4. I like Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin was cool...not as cool as Whiplash or Justin Hammer in Iron Man II, but ok. what was disappointing was his influence as the kingpin of crime was not explicit in the cinematic version...WHY THE HELL DID THEY NEED TO LEAVE IT TO THE DIRECTOR'S CUT FOR SUCH CRUCIAL CHARACTER TRAITS TO COME OUT??!!!He's the f***in kingpin of crime!!! Other than that, he was overall an imposing figure; when he takes off the suit before his fight with DD simply vibrates with him making a statement: "I grew up in the Bronx; You can't understand what all this means to me and I m not letting go without a fight."
 5. Narration: ok I liked the use of words in the narration overall, especially the subtle references to important storylines such as "Guardian Devil", but it was completely unnecessary. It gave me the impression of "Master of the Obvious" factor which highlighted Stan Lee's comics in the beginning of the Marvel universe, which is totally out of place in modern comics let alone movies....
I got nothing to complain about the actors; Ben Affleck is a satisfying (note: not great) matt murdock, alternating between Miller's and Lee's interpretations of the characters (gritty & emotional vs has a sense of humor) with grace. The only scene which his performance was forced is the fight he has with elektra in the park, but other than that, he was overall satisfying. The same with Garner. Her Elektra is satisfying overall, particularly in the last sequences, highlighting her naievete; fans remember, this is not the Elektra: Assassin version of Elektra - this is purely a young, inexperienced Elektra in the movie - naive, not badass. Joe Pantoliano as Urich was also VERY satisfying. One could easily imagine his voice speaking Urich's lines in the comic, and the same goes with John Favreau's (who is one of my fave directors and actors) Foggy Nelson. Oh and the soundtrack is ACE! 
As I said, it's not a horrible movie, neither an excellent. For a great version of the movie see the director's cut. Therefore, Final Verdict: 3/5


Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

I agree with on most of what you said except for Elektra cause she seemed like a hollow character that wasn't given much emotional depth not because of Gardner's acting but sloppy writing of the character. Nice job on the review

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