lucafon18's Daredevil review

Why does everyone Hate this movie?

I always liked Daredevil as a character and before I saw the film I had already read a few Daredevil comics, and when I watched the film, I loved it, I loved how comic accurate the film was, I felt the lack of Bullseye's costume and a black Kingpin was kinda weird, but it worked. Michael Clarke Duncan was an Awesome Kingpin, his voice was so perfect for the role.
The Soundtrack wasn't all that bad either as well as the special effects for it's time.
Going back to how comicbook accurate this film was, I loved how they included little things directly from the panels for instance, the scene of DD vs Bullseye in the church, when they strangle each other, that is taken directly from the comics as well as the scene where Bullseye kills Elektra, the exact same diologue from the comics is used in this scene.
I personally don't see why this movie is said to be so bad


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