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By The Angry Comic Book Critic
     I've been thinking hard lately about what to do for my upcoming 50th review I've gotten some suggestions for some pretty shitty comics and movies ranging from stuff I've never heard of to the live action Super-girl Film which I plan to review at a later date because after a long time of reflecting and thinking about what to give you guys for my upcoming 50th review I've decided on doing.....a crumby ass clip show! That's right my loyal fans for the big Five-O I'm going to give you all the old fuck you and give you nothing but a page long reflection on comics and movies I've already reviewed ha ha ha suckers after all this this I just pulled a Joe Quesada on all of you! and guess what.....YOU'VE BEEN PUNKED!!!! I was totally screwing with you when I said I was going to do a crumby ass clip I'd never fuck you guys over like that what I'm actually going to is review the 1st comic I ever bought but as a prelude to my 50th review I'm going to show you a review of the very film that made me start collecting comics as a serious hobby and what I hope will be a life long hobby my friends I give you Daredevil the movie.
      Ahhh I know for this one that I'm going to take a lot of heat for it because I honestly love this movie it's one of my top 10 favorite super-hero films. You may wonder why this is and rest assured I will explain...Right about now The reason I like this film so much is that before I saw this film I had no prior knowledge of any of the characters save for the Kingpin and only from what I saw on Spider-man the Animated series and none of the comics had any bearing on this film for me simply because at that point in time I never read any of them hell I was so frigging ignorant of comics at that time I honestly didn't know that Marvel made comic books at that time I thought they where just a company that made T.V shows and Movies....Okay if you feel the need to point your finger and say SHAME SHAME SHAME after that I'll wait for you to finish..........Alright I think that was ample time for finger wagging so lets move on. Now I'm just going to come out and say it Ben Afflect played an amazing Daredevil...Yes yes boo if you wish but to me he's the only actor I can envision as the Man without fear don't ask me why I feel this way after there's just something about him that says to me he is daredevil I don't know what it is and perhaps I'll never know but hey sometimes you have to go on blind feeling for how a character is supposed to be (No pun intended). Now for me this film was the 1st time I ever saw a hero fail to save the girl and it was a shock to me cause as a kid your always lead to believe that the hero is always going to save the day and never fail but after seeing this movie I realized that wasn't always true and that sometimes evil wins and I felt really bad for Daredevil losing the girl he loved but let's take a look at her shall we? Elektra in this film to me was a very hollow character no real emotional depth now most people blame Jennifer Gardner me I blame sloppy writing cause Jennifer isn't a bad actress but you can't act well if your giving dog shit to work with so there you have it. Now I flat out loved Collin Farrell as Bullseye this guy was one sick bastard in this film he killed people just for the fun of it and was just terrifying to me as a kid cause every other film or cartoon villain I saw since this guy save for the Villains in Batman the Animated series until Heath Legder's Joker in the Dark Knight were just a bunch pussies by comparison to Colin Farrell's Bullseye. Alright now there was one moment in this film that I thought was just stupid and reviewer's before me have mentioned this scene of the film when Bullseye meets the Kingpin and in all seriousness says to him "I want a bloody costume!" now when I was watching the film I thought cool we're going to get another costumed Super being in the film but it never goes anywhere we never see Bullseye in a costume was he joking maybe but if he was Colin Farrell really sucks at conveying comedy. All in all this was a pretty good film save for a few stupid things sprinkled throughout only other thing that really bugs me about this film now is they don't really do much with the Kingpin in this film compared to his role in the comics he's more of a background character instead of the Criminal Mastermind he was designed to be.  Now if there's anyone else out there who loves this film do your self a favor and avoid the Spin-off/Sequel Elektra it is pure shit by comparison and just takes away from this film
      I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this bad boy earns a Stamp of Approval tune in next time for a my special 50th review spectacular
Daredevil The Movie

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Posted by Silkcuts

you liked that movie?

Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic
@Silkcuts: read the whole thing and you'll understand why
Posted by Silkcuts
@The Angry Comic Book Critic:  OMG that was funny.  I think I need to drop some curse words too in a review or two. Even if I don't agree with the star rating (4).. really?  I would maybe give it a solid 3, it was entertaining enough. I hate Collin Farrell period, but Michael Clarke Duncan is the man!   I don't care if real Kingpin is white, no other actor I would want to play Kingpin then MCD.  
May be I should give this movie a second try, I saw it in the clearance section in HMV, may be its worth the $5 after all.
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic
@Silkcuts:  I'd recommend you buy the Director's cut of the film if your not a huge fan of the original theatrical release and I agree with you on the kingpin who gives a shit what race he is as long as he has the personality and the actions of the Kingpin and as for dropping in curse words into your review do it I always find reviews more enjoyable if they poke fun at a film even if it's good and curse words always add to the comedy of it all
Posted by Silkcuts
@The Angry Comic Book Critic:  I need to reread Preacher or something on that level and drop mad curse words in the review.
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic
@Silkcuts: Well let me know when you have it up and I'll give it the once over
Posted by Silkcuts
@The Angry Comic Book Critic:  It may take a while, I want to cut into my have not read pile.

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