To quick on the shelves? (Re:Trades)

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Maybe it's just me, but are trades coming out a bit fast these days? I mean DD #5 just hit the stands and in this months Marvel Previews (#99) is a solicit for a "Daredevil by Mark Waid Premiere HC (Vol. 1)". This comes out in about 3 months along with DD # 8. I know this happens a lot which brings me to asking the question "Why bother with single issues anymore?" I mean, the company's are pumping out monthly books, in single issue format, then firing off the trades less than six months later. Why don't they just forget the tiny 32 page waste of paper, wait for the entire story arc to be finished (written, drawn, colored, lettered, etc.) and shoot it out as the trade right off? One big book every 3-6 months for $15-$25 a pop or 3-6 issues for $4-$5, give or take a quarter (here in Canada anyway), that's $15-$30 after all is done. A savings of $5-10/year/title. I could buy an extra trade a year with those savings.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the individual issues over trades, but sometimes I just get the urge to buy one just to have on my shelf. And I don't mind them, they are a great way to get older issues back into the publics consciousnesses, and I have bought and read them myself, I just think putting one out before the story arc it's printing is even over is a bit overboard, I mean, who needs a trade of a story they haven't even read the rest of?

Just something I had to get off my mind and I know it's not exclusive to DD or even Marvel. And, yes, I just may pick this up.....but not for a few years when my singular issues are all read out, or at least till I have them put away where I can't easily pull them out for a read.......and I will also probably pick up the Shadowland trades so I can ship them to my brother to read.......

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment, good or bad.

P.S. If they ever put a trade out of The Marvel Saga, I would pick it up in a heartbeat, but then again that series came out 25 (yikes) years ago. Another set of trades I would pick up are the 2099 line of books.....of course I might have to sell my vehicle for that set.......

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