Should Ben Affleck direct a Daredevil movie?

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This is not really about the original Daredevil movie, which I actually enjoyed, but Ben Affleck has put together a string of very good movies he has directed. I wonder what a Daredevil movie would be like if he directed it, stared in or not, but his latest movie seems to be really getting praise. He also got good reviews for Gone Baby Gone.

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KEVIN SMITH!!!!!! At least he understands the character!!!!
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lol no..

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@digpick said:
"lol no.. "
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F*** yes! He has directed many good movies, and was amazing in the 2003 DD. It would be an honor to Matt Murdock if he directed a Daredevil movie.
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There should a new Daredevil movie but by marvel studios.

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Considering how much I hate Ben Affleck, I'd say he deserves a chance. I don't want to see him in front of the camera though, but if he can bring the same directorial ability he brought to "The Town" I think it would be a really good movie.

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I think that's a cool idea. Ben Affleck was the wrong choice of actor to play Matt Murdock, but he has proven himself as a director. I'm not sure if he would want to do this, but I think he could do a great job. 

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