Off My Mind: Daredevil Becomes a Team Player & Joins the New Avengers

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Daredevil is the Man Without Fear but he's also been the Man Without a Team. Whether it was growing up without vision, Matt Murdock always felt like a character that would keep to himself. He has his little circle of friends, Foggy Nelson being at the front, and he's also had the occasional girlfriend in his life. His main concerns have been his law practice (and helping his clients) along with ensuring the safety of Hell's Kitchen. You don't often see Daredevil invited to or showing up at those poker games usually held with the Thing, Wolverine and others.

Shadowland and the disastrous results may not be his fault directly but there's no ignoring what happened. Murdock decided to leave Hell's Kitchen and New York to go on a little journey to rediscover himself and now is ready to make his return. Mark Waid may be handling his return in the the July release of Daredevil #1 but will DD be ready when Brian Bendis makes him part of the New Avengers. And will the New Avengers be ready to have Daredevil on their team?

== TEASER ==
New Avengers #16

For whatever reason, Daredevil has preferred to fight his battles alone. Of course he's had team ups over the years but he's never really been on a team (Marvel Knights doesn't count in my book). Daredevil also has managed to avoid the other major crossovers. Even during Civil War, Daredevil turned out to be Iron Fist in disguise. You would think he would've been helpful for discovering who were Skrulls during Secret Invasion by using his senses. He even had a Secret Wars action figure despite having absolutely no involvement in the 1984 miniseries.

Whether it's part of his redemption plan, this September in New Avengers #16, Daredevil will be added to the team. He has had friendships with Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Spider-Man. They're all going to have to deal with what happened during Shadowland. I imagine the public's opinion of Daredevil isn't that great right now in the Marvel Universe so will having him on the team be best for their public relations?

Daredevil does have to atone for what has happened. I would imagine trying to be part of a team with the likes of Spider-Man and the Thing won't be an easy task. This could be pretty entertaining for us.

The fact that he's a lawyer as well is an asset. Even though they are Avengers, they don't quite have the same official status of the main Avengers team. With members like Wolverine and sometimes Hawkeye, a lawyer could be a good thing to have as part of your team.

The real question on most people's mind is who is he going to hook up with now? Over the years, Daredevil has been known to have a few different girlfriends. Some of them don't meet the greatest fates.

With Daredevil soon to be in a team, it's going to be easier for him to hook up with someone. Will we see Daredevil and Ms. Marvel together? What about Mockingbird? She and Hawkeye are sort of separated now. Hopefully he'll stay away from Jessica Jones since she is married (and I don't think Luke Cage would appreciate any moves he tried making). Heck, if Daredevil really wanted to, he could even try hooking up with Squirrel Girl or Victoria Hand. Maybe we'll even see some team roster shake ups to accommodate any of Daredevil's needs.

Despite Daredevil's extracurricular shenanigans, being on a team will be a good move for him. After what he's been through the last few years, he needs to recharge himself. Hopefully his little trip helped him to clear his head. Being a bigger part of the superhero community will be good for him and put him in a better light with the public. Just as Spider-Man being on a team felt weird, this might to at first. But it allows the character to evolve and gives us a chance to see Daredevil in a slightly different manner.

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Hahaha i can see it now, Luke will be so busy looking out for spidey and logan that he wont notice Matt swoop in and take Jessica. Game. Set. Match Mr Cage
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LMAO is this a serious question? Of course they will. Avengers have one of the laxest membership policies there is in all of comics. Even the Rogues have higher standards than them. 

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I can't see daredevil as part of a team without being the leader, will have to see how it rolls out.

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Avengers' been on very strange rosters for all these last couple years...

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luke cage will beat daredevil into the ground if he tries anything with his wife, but hey it could be interesting i'll give it a shot to see how it goes. 

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Hang on, how can DD be on a team it would screw up his radar sense, it has been the reason for him not joining teams on many occassions
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Such an epic scene :D 

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The New Avengers would suddenly have amnesia regarding Daredevil's bloodbath :P
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I don't like this.  One of the reasons I have stayed with DD for so long is the fact he tends to miss the events.  There are so many reasons why he doesn't work on teams, this will not go well without character derailment, though that does seem to happen anyways.  At least they aren't rebooting the whole universe.

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That`s cool :)

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I was disappointed that Daredevil didn't join The Avengers when Bendis first relaunched it. I'd say it's about time...

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I would LOVE to have some context on that Daredevil/Black Widow scene. Is that actually just DD being an asshole, or is there some other factor at play there? Anyways, in regards to him being on the New Avengers, I agree with what was said earlier, I don't see DD on a team and not being the leader. I honestly think he would have been a better fit for Secret Avengers. Let Steve hand over the reins to him.

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I'm actually a bit excited to see this happen.  Eventually, they should return him to his old ways, but maybe he'll be a little less of a loner by then. 
Without realizing who Spidey really is, Matt will somehow get involved with Mary Jane. The drama!

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They really have mixed up the New York Heros...Spiderman on a team Ben Grim on a team not the fantastic four...through in Beast, Wolverine and even Moon Knight. I kind of feel that they just want bigger names on the team as opposed to what would feel like logic.
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This doesn't seem right to me.   DD has always struck me as a character obsessively focused on his territory, kinda like a Batman who could care less about the Justice League.

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Bitch slap xD 
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its about time daredevil becomes an avenger, its been to long! go daredevil!!

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If Bendis loves Daredevil that much (Clearly the only reason he's writing him into this series) he should pull his finger out and finish Daredevil: End of Days, or lobbied for the new #1.
Daredevil was always the man, as you said, without a team. I own all 500+ issues, and all appearances, of Daredevil. As much as I'd have great pride in him finally being on The Avengers, I love the fact that he has been offered and turned it down.
I guarantee they're gonna try pulling the "I need to be around people. Learn to work as a team, I lost control during Shadowland and learned about myself." card. It's not on, not for me. I don't like it. Daredevil has always been focused to Hell's Kitchen and it has worked. He was always mostly self-contained and that's why he was one of the most consistent Marvel comics, quality wise, from Kevin Smith to Andy Diggle, save for Shadowland.
Again, I don't wanna be THAT guy who thinks he knows better than Marvel, but sometimes I wonder if they even give a shit, to be honest. Why do this? A new #1 was bad enough. Is this gonna clash with his on-going? What's the deal? If this is the case, get Spidey off the team. You have Spidey or Daredevil, and The New Avengers, if anything, suits Daredevil's combat-grade more than The Avengers. He can fight H.A.M.M.E.R., he can't fight Kang etc.
Still, not happy.
-The Mast

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Bendis writing Daredevil again could be great.
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 Yay, another great character for Bendis to ruin!
@longbowhunter said:

Bendis writing Daredevil again could be great.

It won't be. He used up all of his ideas on his first run. Every series he's written since DD has been using the same concepts.
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Hi ! 
Daredevil in a team ? Daredevil in the Avengers ?!?
Hihane washte.
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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
Hahaha i can see it now, Luke will be so busy looking out for spidey and logan that he wont notice Matt swoop in and take Jessica. Gam. Set. Match Mr Cage
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Daredevil on a team? So I guess this is Marvel's version Bizarro World.  
Crisscross will make you JUMP, JUMP!
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Good slap.

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Do the Avengers even operate in the same Marvel Continuity as everyone else??  You would think with SpiderMan splitting his time between FF and the Avengers and Wolverine being on X Men, XForce AND Avengers?!?   
I guess my question is "Why Not?!"

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I thought this was going to about something else entirely from yesterday's teaser.

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This shall be interesting to read

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Kinda like him doing his own thing really.

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more power to him

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Don´t like this! Daredevil is a urban hero. keep him that way.

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What do they need DD for? You already have Logan for the senses, Iron Fist, Wolverine, and Spiderman are great fighters, Thing, Luke Cage, Ms Marvel, and Spiderman have the strength. What's the point of DD. Apparently he is replacing Mockingbird.

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I think it's too soon after Shadowland to allow Daredevil to join NA.

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Thanks Marvel for bringing more fans to the DC relaunch!

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Hey Daredevil keep Thanos busy while we deal with this other threat. Bwahahahahaha what a useless Avenger. I thought the team with Dr. Druid, She Hulk, & the Black Knight was lame, now this team tops the heap.
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Isn't it great how Daredevil has already been forgiven ( more or less ) for Shadowland, but Tony Stark still has to take crap from nearly everyone for Civil War ( even though he wasn't the only one responsible ) ? Anyway, I think it's an odd decision... But hey, New Avengers isn't one of my monthlies, so I don't mind.

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I am going to miss Diggle writing Daredevil.

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about time he joined them can't wait but still haters gonna hate
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Its about time!

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ABOUT DAMN TIME.........HELL YEA!!! I love Daredevil!!

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They're prepping him up for a future Avengers Film!
I can dream.
But when is Daredevil's license going to transfer back from Fox to Marvel Studios?  
It's been what... over 7 or 8 years since the last movie.

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Booo! Keep him away from Miss Marvel, she's unworthy of his presence.

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@coldbrand said:
Booo! Keep him away from Miss Marvel, she's unworthy of his presence.
#44 Posted by daredevil21134 (13197 posts) - - Show Bio
@daredevil21134 said:
@coldbrand said:
Booo! Keep him away from Miss Marvel, she's unworthy of his presence.

LOL.I would like him with Black Widow again
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I think I see the point, post-Shadowland DD provides interesting drama as he tries to prove himself to old and new friends and...oh my god, I think I just fell asleep.  seriously, Matty is one of my favorites, but I don't like the dynamic I think about his character taking on when on a team.  It's like the concept of the Hulk family.  some characters are better as loners.  small supporting cast, but taking on the weight of their quest mostly solo.  what makes Daredevil so fun to read is watching him navigate dual sometimes intersecting, sometimes contradictory notions of justice as a vigilante and as a lawyer.  I feel like that gets lost as he's just flying around as another mask in a wrecking crew.
but then again, maybe this is just my general aversion to team-up titles showing.

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@pikahyper said:
Such an epic scene :D 
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@Mumbles said:
@pikahyper said:
Such an epic scene :D 
Now why would Daredevil work with the Avengers? Moon Knight's working with the Avengers, who's next?
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Makes about as much sense as Spider-Man or Wolverine being Avengers.  It seems like Marvel is trying to make their own version of the Justice League by getting all their big name characters under one banner...  I liked it better when loners were loners, myself. 
But that panel is showing me a side of DD I never knew existed.

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Everybody join now the Avengers.. It's necesary?? Spiderman, Wolverine, The Thing, Daredevil... The team lost his identity.

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