New comic book fan! What's a good series to dive into?

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Hey guys! So I started reading comics about 2 months ago and they're way cooler than I originally thought they'd be. I have about 30 comics right now (all marvel) and I'm looking to get into a new series. I mainly have older stuff. What would you suggest for a noobie? I got the first 2 issues if Uncanny Avengers but was kinda confused through out it because I know pretty much nothing about X-Men. I'm reading the Daredevil End of Days and I really like that! So what would you suggest? Dive into something that's still running? Or start with a new run? I planned on reading Superior Spiderman when that comes out. But idk. Help me out please! Thanks, Austin.

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Frank Miller's run on Daredevil.

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@CrimsonCake said:

Frank Miller's run on Daredevil.

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I posted this blog on where to start read Daredevil

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Saga! its still early and it's AMAZING!!! And also Batman would be a good one. I'm always trying to get my non-comic reading brother-inlaw to read Bloodshot and Shadowman from Valiant.

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Now that pretty much everything has restarted in the past 2 years, you can begin with any of it that draws your attention then if your intrest is there go back and read more of the older stuff. There are lots of threads here on what would be good reads :)

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