Need help guys!

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Hello my Name is Simon. This week I am going to make a daredevil tattoo. I'm gonna make an exact copy of a panel from a daredevil comic I liked. It turned out that this comic was bullseyes first apperance. I belive it's called Daredevil nr131. The thing is that I am from Sweden and the comic book is in swedish. And I would like to know what Daredevil and bullseye are saying to eachother in English, not dorkey swedish. So I wonder if there is someone out there who owns this comic or in some way can find out whatt they are saying? The particular frame I am talking about is when Daredevil bursts trough a window and kick/knocks bullseye.

Really apreciate your help

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Please, there must be someone who has access to this comic? Anyone? Or do you know somewhere I can read it by myself on the internet?

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@EnlloLeal said:

Love you!

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