In what issue did Daredevils first fight against Mysterio and w?

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I have just reread the Guardian Devil story (awesome story that can still get my to tears). While there is a lot of reference to both old Daredevil and Spider-Man stories (Clonesaga, Sinister Six The Elektra Saga, Born Again Lone Stranger, Fall from Grace and probably a few more). There is one I don't get though. Mysterio tells Daredevil that they had meet before and it happened around the time Avengers where thought to be dead. Daredevil should have stopped some kind of insurance fraud Mysterio wanted to do. So when did this story take place and what was it about? All I know it is most take place in vol one before Guardian Devil started.

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The Avengers were thought to be dead? Hm... Heroes Reborn, maybe?

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I'm pretty sure it is doing Heroes Reborn but I don't think it is a Part of the story. I think the DD story took place in DD,

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This is the issue you're looking for.

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@chalkshark: Thanks seems like it is a rather unimporten tie-in to the Onslaught saga of the X-Men and only interesting event happening is that Karen is getting angry at mat for fighting with Black Widow.

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@tupiaz: I wouldn't say it's an event tie-in. It's more of a response to that event. Mysterio takes advantage of the sudden absence of the majority of New York's most prominent super-heroes, by preying on the fears of the, suddenly, unprotected populace. Mysterio casts an illusion of himself as Onslaught (and also the Juggernaut) to drive that point home, but at the end of the day, he's just looking to fleece hard working citizens of their pay. Daredevil shuts the scheme down, thus earning a measure of revenge from Mysterio, that plays out in the Marvel Knight's revival.

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