If you were to make a sequel to Daredevil, how would you do it?

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I'm actually one of the few who enjoyed the Daredevil movie, and I know it's going to be rebooted, but if they were to make a sequel instead, how would you do it?
I'd probably include Karen Page and Mr. Fear into it, but what would you guys do?

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It´s quite simple actually 
First, no Ben Affleck!!! 
The movie would have two main stories: 1st) Daredevil Vs Punisher (Matt Murdock is fighting crooks and mobsters and is trying to investigate who´s the mysterious character that is wacking the fellons) and 2nd) Daredevil and Elektra (The Hand is the Punisher´s new target, so DD has to stop him from killing Natchios and he´s flooded with flashbacks from his early training with her, like Miller´s great comic book) 
It wouldn´t be a sequel, because Marvel has to make people forget about the first movie, that was a failure
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It would be very hard to do a direct sequel to Daredevil just because the amount of time since the original. I really enjoyed the film myself and don't understand the hate behind it. 
The thing is that you would have to make it different than most "superhero" movies, which I think using the Bendis storyline where his identity is outed to the media would make an interesting movie. Putting this character in a world that people know his identity and how he will deal with that. Would have to be dark, similar to The Dark Knight in tone and visually but set in the Marvel Universe. The Purple Man is a nice idea for a villain but don't think he should touch Elektra because they already tried that. Remember, this would not be part of the Marvel larger picture because it is done through FOX so, might just suck. 

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@bingbangboom: I like your storyline idea. Why would you choose Purple Man as the villain?
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good question

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