How would you want the reboot ?

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For the lead part I think most would agree that Ryan Gosling's the perfect choice. Just watch the movie Drive, he's got that whole brooding anti hero thing down and he can act. Make the origin short like the Affleck movie. It has to have that realistic Noir feel from the Miller comics and maybe a little more focus on Murdock's law career, like Bendis' run which has a couple great stories in courtroom. Introduce the Kingpin and Bullseye immediately, but I don't know if I want to see Elektra in the first film. Lastly I want the whole ninja thing toned down to prevent comparisons to Nolan's Batman,

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My cast

 Matt Murdock
 Foggy Nelson
 The Kingpin. This guy's 6'3". Just imagine him bald and with more weight
I'll add more soon
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Not bad cast choices, can't think of any better at the moment.

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Get the guy who directed Gosling in Drive to direct it, too.

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