Daredevil TV show

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Why not a Daredevil tv show because we saw how the Daredevil reboot could have looked so why not have it as a TV series and now Marvel has Daredevils rights they could make it in the Avengers universe like the shield show and have a supporting cast like Iron Fist and Luke Cage Elektra and Hank Pym

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I think Marvel pitched a DD TV Show years ago in like the 70's and they didn't like the response they got from it so they cancelled,plus there are way too many lawyer and cop shows on television now. I know Matt is a superhero but he IS also a lawyer and I would imagine many of the stories would be centered around that. Also live action shows based on superheroes (maybe just for me) are usually garbage. It never compares to the QUALITY of the books and in that case I would rather just read the comics and get what i WANT.

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That could work. IMO Daredevil TV-MA FX show would be awesome. Not sure about an animated series, but that has a chance for working too.

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