Confusion in DD#23

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I don't know if I'm stupid or something, but in the last scene of Daredevil 23, when Matt and Foggy are seeing the doctor, I had no idea what Murdock meant by, "It's not Foggy's [heartbeat]." The first time I read it, I thought he meant Foggy's heartbeat wasn't Foggy's, and that someone was impersonating him. I figured that Matt played it cool because he didn't want to let the impersonator know he knew. Then, I read Daredevil 24, and I realized I was going crazy. Did he mean that it was his own heartbeat, and that he was freaking out about Foggy's health?

I don't get this @!#$.

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The doctor was in the room trying to remain calm to keep his patient calm, remember? It was his heartbeat Matt was hearing.

That's how I took it anyway.

^_^ looks at date of OP........was probably figured out already ^_^

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Nope, I really had no #@!$ing idea lol. Thanks. I think I'm going to call my doctor now. Request a brain transplant.

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You're not stupid (: it was a tricky scene.

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I had to think about it for a minute myself while reading it, went back at least twice....then again after the next issue just to refresh.

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