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Episode 1


Peter Parker has been framed.His lawyer is the famous Matt Murdick AKA Daredevil. As he is being transported to prison, the police van is blown up and Peter is kidnapped by Richard Fisk. Richard traps Peter leaving him to suffocate in a chamber. As he is about to pass out he is saved by the Man without Fear Daredevil. Daredevil leaves Peter in Matt Murdocks apartment. Matt later talks telling him Daredevil will take care of everything. When Matt leaves, Peter makes a quick change into the Amazing Spider-man. In a flashback scene we see how Peter got a job in Fisk Corparations. It shows how he looked over the projects and change disces. He has to take a disc home and when on his way home he is stopped by the police and FBI as they belive it is the disc that is going to some terroists. In the present day, Spider-man is in Fisk Corpartions seeing how he was set-up. Daredevil is also there and now thinks Spider-man is against Peter. Daredevil attacks Spider-man but Spidey tries telling him he is not against Peter. At that moment Kingpin's  thugs blow the building up and now Daredevil and Spider-man have to escape. 

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This was a cool team up between Daredevil and Spider-man.I love seeing Peter is a struggle and also seeing another hero to help. Daredevil was great and was fun to see the Kingpin's origins. I liked how it ended and showed Jameson has a heart  and Peter knowing that Wilson Fisk is The Kingpin,but i wish he knew Matt's past and he's Daredevil.Overal 5/5 because its fun and shows a cool team up...

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