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Plot Summary

The Punisher and Daredevil are both gunning for Hammerhead and the Jackal who have taken over organized crime in New York City with the Kingpin in prison. The two vigilantes hunt the villains each in their own way. Daredevil wants to gather enough evidence to throw them in jail forever; and the Punisher wanting to kill them ending their criminal careers forever. The Punisher and Daredevil do not see eye to eye and never have. They fight each other brutally as well the minions of the Jackal and Hammerhead. The Jackal sends Bushwacker after the Punisher trying to kill him and Hammerhead puts a 10 million dollar bounty on Frank's head. The Jackal and Hammerhead are more concerned about the Punisher and end up dropping their guard against Daredevil which sends them both to prison. Daredevil tries to stop the Punisher once and for all and ends up getting a kid killed in the process. The Punisher ends up getting arrested by the NYPD and Daredevil reading the headlines seeing that crime has skyrocketed with the Punisher behind bars starts doubting whether his methods are the best.

Collected Editions

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