omertalvendetta's Daredevil: Reborn #4 - Reborn - Chapter Four. Part 4 of 4 review

Great Ending!


The white and yellowish green are sweet on the eyes, and it is almost like a breath of fresh air after the previous covers.  This is one of my favorites!

The Good:

The writing is superb, and the art, while it is indeed cartoony as others have pointed out, is doing a good job for me here.  This series began stupendously, but after two somewhat mediocre issues in between, has come out quite strong with a pretty interesting (though typical) ending to the rebirth of the Man Without Fear.  I can say that what impressed me the most was the way that Murdock was written, and how believable his inner conflicts seemed after all that took place during Shadowland.  He's been down the road of perdition; maybe it's time for some redemption.  I very much like Calavera, as well, and I hope we get to see more of this villain.

The Bad:

There isn't much that's really altogether bad here.  The only problem, if I have to find one, is the pacing of the series as a whole.  I do realize that this is a culmination issue and hence all loose ends have to be tied in this issue, but the conflicts in this particular issue seemed rush.  Granted, I guess when you are Matt Murdock, "bad guys" from a small town aren't too tough for ya.


I would highly recommend this miniseries to any Daredevil fan.  To others, I would suggest picking it up in trade as it does give you a pretty good tale that's different in many ways, and pretty action packed.  You get a very well written story and some very cool Daredevil fighting scenes (he's off costume, of course).  Well done, Diggle!


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