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The Hand Wants Daredevil

The Story:  
Matt Murdock is spending a lot of time and getting closer to Dakota North while a new mysterious villain named Lady Bullseye arrives in Hells Kitchen. She frames Daredevil for the murder of two people and begins targeting his friends like Iron Fist, White Tiger and Black Tarantula. She is working with The Hand and her motives seem unclear to Murdock who is also having issues relating to his wife. A mysterious old man named Master Izo shows up as well and ends up helping Murdock through this situation involving The Hand. 

My Thoughts:  
Ed Brubaker is consistently delivering interesting and well crafted stories, issue after issue on this series. Daredevil is quickly becoming one of my favorite series to read. This time he adds a new villain to the mix, one who is inspired by none other than the sinister Bullseye. At first I wasn't sure what type of a role she would play and upon finishing this book it seems we've only just seen the beginning of her. The cliffhanger at the end was surprising to say the least. 

I like how Ed Brubaker continues to expand on Matt Murdock's personal problems concerning his wife. Personally I was happy to see him get with Dakota North. I think she suits Murdock better than Milla. They have more in common and she's not a drama queen which is what Matt could go without right about now. Of course life is never easy for Murdock. It always seems he's juggling multiple dilemmas and issues at the same time as both Matt Murdock and Daredevil which is one of the reasons he's such a compelling character. 

The art is again by Michael Lark who is the main artist for this series. I must admit his art is starting to grow on me. It's not as bad as I had originally felt but it is by no means anything to brag about. It does fit the tone of the stories for this series but I can't help but wish for something a little better.

This was definitely a good volume worth reading that I feel is setting up something bigger to come in the following issues. Not only does it end with an awesome cliffhanger but we get a lot of action involving Daredevil, Iron Fist and White Tiger which was pretty awesome.  

Rating: 4/5
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