iceslick's Daredevil: Dark Nights #4 - A Man Named Buggit, Part One: What a Day review

Daredevil: Dark Nights #4 Review –“Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,”


Ever since Mark Waid started writing Daredevil, the character has been in a good run. Daredevil and even his supporting cast have been pretty well developed. I even liked that series has been able to shift focus on the other characters instead always being Daredevil. Bendis’ Daredevil: End of Days was another good Daredevil mini-series that made Daredevil into a legacy type of a character. This mini-series has been pretty good as well. David Lapham has a really good idea on who the character is. I really don’t know what the purpose of this series is because there are different arcs and its set in same time frame as Matt’s Daredevil series. Anyways, I suggest you check out this series. It’s a pretty good series.


Matt Murdock is talking with his co-workers about a recent court case. But a little critter runs off with the evidence. Now it’s up to Daredevil to catch him. Does he fail or succeed?

The Good

I think this was a really good issue. It had great dialogue with Matt and his co-workers. The action dived in at a good pace and the interactions/distractions were pretty funny. I was surprise to see humor in here because Daredevil is rarely a funny character. I even cracked up on Buggit because he looks like an Oompa Loompa. (Laughs) I’m glad we also get to see Shocker and the nice art details were great during the scene. The art was what I really like here even though it was misplaced in some areas. It’s just that the colors and the electric shocks looked really good.

The Bad

There wasn’t anything bad with this issue. I just think Daredevil should have called Hank Pym for this situation. But I guess he wasn’t available and he didn’t want him to get away.


This issue deserves a 4/9 out of 5/10 stars. It had great dialogue and well-paced action. I felt it was surprisingly funny because Daredevil usually isn’t. So, you will definitely laugh when you read this issue. The only problem I had was with Daredevil not calling Hank Pym. But maybe there’s a reason for that. So, I recommend picking this up and continuing on. I’m definitely hoping to find out more about Buggit in the next issue.


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