guardiandevil801's Daredevil: Born Again #1 - TPB/HC review

Daredevil is back and better than ever

We've read comics that show the hero fight the villian,but what would happen if your greatest enemy found who you really are,well it that happens in Daredevil Born Again where the Kingpin finds out Daredevil's idenity and destroys his life. Frank miller really makes this story happen and shows Daredevil struggling to win the battle.

I did hate Karen for selling his idenity for drugs
This is my favorite Daredevil comic and fans should read it

Posted by longbowhunter

I traded a bunch of action figures for this hardcover a couple months ago. Sooo good! I'm a big Daredevil fan and felt like a real bastard for not having read this yet. The stuff with Nuke was really crazy. "Gimme a red". Slowly but surely I'll read through all of Miller's DD run.
Posted by guardiandevil801
I know Frank Miller can really make a good story like Born Again and the issue where Bullyseye killed Elektra because it great story and challenges Daredevil 
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I actually own all but the first issue in this arc so when I found this in soft cover for ONLY $12.50 I had to pick it up.  Am now reading it through again.  
I agree, every one should read this book. :)

Posted by CombatSpoon86

I just bought this at Half price today, can't wait to read it. Said to be one of the best Daredevil stories ever. Miller just knows Daredevil. Miller's Daredevil > Every other writer who wrote Daredevil

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