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Electro and The Emissaries of Evil

Daredevil finishes a workout in his secret gym inside his apartment and thinks about how dangerous it would be if Foggy Nelson or Karen Page knew his secret. The Scarlet Swashbuckler then decides it’s time he saw some action and after checking his equipment, swings out of the window using his Billy club. A patrol of the city brings no signs of trouble until DD senses two familiar heartbeats in an alley below. After hearing their voices he recognises Electro and The Matador who are discussing a plan to destroy Daredevil. Electro mentions he has spent months gathering five of Daredevil’s most powerful enemies to form The Emissaries of Evil. The Man Without Fear swings into action and ambushes his opponents from above. Dodging Electro’s bolts Daredevil knocks him to the ground before being attacked from behind by Matador. As DD battles his Latin opponent he is hit by a bolt by Electro and knocked unconscious. Instead of finishing off the hero, the two super villains depart deciding not to cut short their revenge and make Daredevil suffer longer.It turns out Daredevil was playing possum and waiting for his foes to get within grabbing distance. As he tries to get up DD is feeling dizzy from the shock and struggles to get to his feet. Realising he’s in no condition to fight, Daredevil heads home but as he swings over the rooftops the after effects of the shock get worse and he misses a ledge and falls towards the streets. Daredevil manages to land awkwardly on a rooftop but hurts himself further. He then decides to walk home.

Elsewhere on a private jet over the Atlantic, Melvin Potter heads towards New York. The man known as Gladiator has temporarily left The Maggia HQ in Europe to join The Emissaries of Evil in their quest to defeat Daredevil. In a flashback going back a few months earlier after Daredevil had defeated Stilt Man, we see Electro rescuing the defeated villain and recruiting him to his cause. Back in the present, in the law office of Nelson & Murdoch, Karen and Foggy are concerned that Matt hasn’t turned up for work when they receive a phone call from him saying he’s taking a personal day. Having recovered from last night’s defeat, Daredevil goes out looking for the Emissaries of Evil deciding to scout the city end to end. As he arrives at the Docks DD is spotted by The Matador who throws his cloak over him and attacks. A fight ensues and DD quickly has the upper hand. Matador lunges at his foe but Daredevil throws the former bull fighter into the river. Matador escapes by swimming away and Daredevil leaves as a crowd gathers.

Heading for the centre of town, Daredevil replenishes himself with nutrient capsules hidden inside his Billy club. Evening arrives and the hero heads down to the sidewalk hoping one of his enemies will spot him and come out to play. He notices a light in an alley way and follows it to find Stilt Man. The villain shoots his disintegration ray but Daredevil dodges out of the way and swings his Billy club at him. Wrapping Stilt Man in the rope of his club, DD pulls himself up and attacks with a drop kick. However Stilt Man’s armour causes DD to hurt his feet and he falls to the ground. So sure is Stilt Man of his power that he shrinks down to DD’s height but using his fantastic reflexes the hero pounds on his foe and taps his stilt activator button. This sends Stilt Man off balance and the hydraulics in his stilts send him flying backwards, crashing through a brick wall. A nearby police car arrives after hearing the crash only to find both fighters gone.

Daredevil arrives at his apartment and finds a cassette outside his door. He enters and tapes up his swollen ankles while listening to the recording. The recording is Foggy Nelson warning Matt Murdock to stay away from the office as Stilt Man has been spotted. Foggy tried to call a few times but Matt wasn’t answering his phone. Early next morning Matt heads to Central Park and hopes to find one of the Emissaries. He spends the whole day there and as night arrives he senses another former foe walking past him. Seeing only a blind man on a park bench, Leap Frog ignores the Man Without Fear who quickly changes into his costume and attacks. Another battle begins and after taking a heavy beating, Leap Frog bounds away with Daredevil in pursuit.

The faux amphibian leads Daredevil into an electric power plant and the high voltage lines confuse his senses. As DD’s senses adjust he is ambushed by Gladiator. The rest of the emissaries gather and Electro shoots a bolt at Daredevil. However with his radar sense working again, DD doges out of the way. The other Emissaries attack and Matador grabs Daredevil from behind as Gladiator approaches from the front. Doing a back flip Daredevil throws Matador onto Gladiator and instantly attacks the former costume designer with a number of crushing blows. Leap Frog jumps in only to be met with a spinning kick. Electro shoots another bolt but inadvertently hits Stilt Man. As the human dynamo recharges, Daredevil clobbers him and nearly knocks him unconscious. Leap Frog tries his luck again but DD jumps away and Matador gets tackled instead. Daredevil then defeats Gladiator in hand to hand combat before Matador covers the hero in his cloak and punches him out. Matador removes the cloak and is shocked to see he had attacked Leap Frog before being swiftly dispatched with a haymaker from Daredevil. Electro can’t believe all five Emissaries of Evil were defeated by a single man. As the super villains all reel from their beatings, Daredevil ties them together with a cable and attaches the other end to a power transformer. This conducts Electro’s electricity and shocks the others into submission, at the same time draining his own power.

The next day Matt Murdock arrives at his office and tells his colleagues he was visiting his brother Mike. Matt gives Karen grief about not doing enough work in his absence and she storms off. Matt Murdock’s thoughts reveal he longs to tell Karen Page his secret but doesn’t dare endanger the woman he loves. He decides as long as Daredevil is around, Matt Murdock must always remain a loner.

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