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A special stand-alone issue, and a perfect jumping-on point for new readers! Milla and Matt have been reunited, but the things he's been through - prison, and then life on the run -- have changed him. And now, in the days after the Marvel Civil War, being Daredevil is even more dangerous than it was before Matt got taken down. Can their relationship survive the new obstacles that have been placed in their way? Can 'Blind Love' conquer all? Written by Ed Brubaker, with art by John Paul Leon, and featuring a special cover by Marvel Comics Legend John Romita Sr!

Milla wakes up during the night to find that Matt, once again, is not there. She knows he is out fighting crime as Daredevil. Where as she has accepted his other life, she cannot help but worry when he is gone. She sits in the window, thinking back to their lives together. She goes over the events of the last year or so when they first met, got married, Matt's time at Ryker's, his escape to Europe and return home.

She has accepted that Matt was in love with Karen Page long before they met and that her death still affects him. Each night he is out, the fear of harm coming to Matt reaches deeper and deeper into her heart. She knows that no matter what, Matt will continue to fight as Daredevil. She knows she could never ask him to quit because Karen told him not to ever do so.

Milla wonders if Matt is even aware of what she goes through each night that he is gone. As she continues to sit in the window, Daredevil simply stands and watches from the top of a building across the way.

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