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Matt Murdock is found by two passing motorists walking downt the road in upstate New York. As news of Murdocks return after breaking out of prison with the Punisher hits the media, Foggy Nelson, still in the witness protection plan, finds out.

Matt holds a press conference on the steps of his brownstone stating that he was taken prisoner by the Punisher who was tired of him getting criminals "back on the streets." He also claimed that when the FBI Director confessed to fabricated evidence against Murdock in his suicide note, the Punisher had his men set Murdock free.

As Matt begins to enjoy the direction of his life being reunited with Milla, Foggy arrives and Matt is both shocked and relieved to find his best friend alive.

In court, the charges against Matt are dropped and Foggy and Becky Blake argue to get Matt's attorney license reinstated. At their celebration dinner, Nelson and Murdock ask Becky to become a partner at their lawfirm. She accepts. They will only be taking referals without revealing the location of their office to the public.

Matt finally comes to term with one last loose end he needs to take care of. He pays a visit to Ryker's and becomes the Kingpin's attorney. Before the death of Fisk's wife, Vanessa, Matt gave his word to her that he would get Wilson free. It was the two of them that turned Vanessa from an innocent person to the evil she soon became. As part of the deal, Fisk had to give up his citizenship.

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