englentine's Daredevil #8 - The Stiltman Cometh! review

Stilts Of Death

 I have always wondered how a guy who is on stilts could give DD a run for his money?  I would not expect him to show up in todays books. Then again the same could be said for a lot of Silver age villains. However for his time, Stilt Man turned out to be pretty cool.  He is all defense though. Not a whole heck of a lot of offensive capabilities. 
  The way he is dispatched at the end has to be one of the strangest for the title.  I kind of liked it. As well as the battle that preceeded it.  Thankfully Stan the Man only touches upon the Love triangle in this issue, then he lets the story go on about its buisness.  I can recommend this issue. It didn't reach classic status like #7, but it was fun.

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