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A mysterious voice calls Namor to New York. Daredevil arrives to investigate and assumes Namor is up to his old tricks and attacks him. Meanwhile Spider-Man feels the need to show up Hornhead and decides he should be the one to stop the Sub-Mariner instead. Both heroes try and stop Namor, whilst continnuing their argument but are eventually outmatched by the former Prince of Atlantis. Suddenly a giant glowing tear-drop that fell from the sky opens up and a mysterious woman appears. She commands Spider-Man and Namor to join her as she needs their help but doesn't deem Daredevil powerful enough. The trio disappear in the tear-drop shaped vessel whose glow wipes the memory of both Daredevil and all the gathered on-lookers. Elsewhere, Matt Murdoch's former love interest Karen Page arrives back in New York.

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