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Daredevil # 73 - Decalogue, Part 3

I loved it from start to finish, full of suspense, and the art was out of this world. It really made me feel what Alex Maleev was trying to portray with the art in this one, it was like I was in a movie.  I loved the dialogue in this issue. It told the story through multiple perspectives perfectly without missing a beat with its wicked actions scenes.

I loved when Matt Murdock enters the Church and puts a know-it-all in his place. (Highlight of the issue)

Bottom Line this issue gets five out of five stars because it really takes the story to next level and made me want to pick up part one and two, just so I can reread this one. Easily my favorite book in this series. I loved it so pick it up and give it a read and if you don’t want to read it then just get it and look at the pictures.


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