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Stilt-Man Stalks The Soundstage!

Matt Murdock arrives at Karen Page's L.A. apartment feeling jealous that her film career has become more important than him. Karen soon receives a phone call hiring her for a new movie role alongside The Stunt Master, but the director also wants Daredevil to star in the film. Karen convinces DD to take the role. A few days later on the film set, Stunt Master is attacked in his trailer by Stilt-Man who wants revenge on Daredevil. Stilt-Man disguises himself as Stunt Master and attaches his hydraulic legs to the actor's motorcycle. In the next scene the disguised villain attempts to kill Daredevil by making a stunt go wrong but misses his target and crashes into a nearby harbour. Daredevil recognises Stilt-Man's heartbeat and attacks his foe as soon as he resurfaces wearing his Stilt-Man costume. After a fantastic fight scene that the film crew manage to record, DD defeats "Stilty" who is then arrested by L.A.P.D. Later, after shooting is wrapped, DD tells Karen he has to go back to New York and asks if she'll come with him. Karen is unsure and DD leaves abruptly, telling her not to keep him waiting too long.

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