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 The next shocking story continues here with part 2 of "Lowlife!"


Original Series Numbering #422

Matt Murdock files a 400 million dollar lawsuit against the Daily Glob for printing a story declaring him to be Daredevil. Mr. Rosenthal, the owner of the paper, vows to go the distance with Murdock because he knows the story is true.

Matt's public struggle against the newspaper makes his alter ego more popular with the people than ever before.

Wilson Fisk lies in a coma in europe, a victim of a mutiny by his own men. His wife Vanessa sold off the organized crime enterprise and left the city for good.

The Owl, one of Daredevil's oldest adversaries, is making a bold play for the Kingpin's territory now that Wilson Fisk is out of the picture.

Daredevil rescues a blind girl named Milla from almost being hit by a truck. After the accident, Milla comes to Matt's office to thank him for saving her. She knows Matt is Daredevil and the experience of being saved by him has affected her in a way she has trouble understanding.

Mr. Rosenthal is murdered in his on home by a mysterious assailant.

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