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The Fallen Hero!

Daredevil is determined to find out what The Unholy Three have done to Deborah Harris as she was seen to disappear (last issue) but he still sensed her presence. Unknown to him, Bird Man, Cat Man and Ape Man used the T-Ray guns developed by The Exterminator to send Deborah and others into another time continuum, thus displacing them from the current timeline! Matt was asked by Foggy to call DD for help and the Man Without Fear is happy to oblige as he scours New York in the middle of the night. Elsewhere the Unholy Three are in the middle of a bank heist where they force the guard to open the vault before blasting him with a T-Ray. As the trio are gathering the money, Daredevil appears and quickly disarms Bird Man. A close quarters combat begins within the bank vault and DD quickly gains the upper hand by disarming the others and relentlessly attacking them. However Ape Man soon gathers his T-Ray and begins blasting at DD. Using his agility and heightened senses, Daredevil manages to dodge the blasts until he is too tired to move. Seeing this, Ape Man strikes quickly and hits DD with the T-Ray, sending him to another time continuum. Daredevil feels himself being ripped through time and joins Deborah and the others in a distorted time sphere. Back at the bank, The Unholy Three make their escape but are stopped by a cop who is also zapped with a T-Ray.

In the office of Nelson & Murdock, Deborah’s disappearance makes Foggy realise how much he loves her and he tells Karen Page that he’s off to the library to follow a hunch. Karen reminds him that he’s got a TV interview later as part of his campaign to get elected D.A. At the library Foggy scours news stories about The Organizer and The Ani-Men’s capture and finds information about a scientist who used to work for The Organizer and disappeared soon after his arrest. Foggy wonders what if the scientist was the real brains behind The Organization and has returned to team up with the Ani-Men. As Foggy heads to his interview, the police dragnet to capture the three masked fugitives spreads across the city and the media are informed. Meanwhile Daredevil asks Deborah where they are but she has no idea where or when this is. One of the other victims trapped in the time sphere starts losing his sanity when suddenly Deborah starts fading away. DD tells her the effects of the T-Ray must be wearing off and that she’s going back. Deborah completely fades away and Daredevil can’t sense her anymore so is sure she’s returned. Simultaneously the others trapped in the time sphere start disappearing as well until Daredevil is the only one left. DD is sure that he received a stronger blast than the others and guesses that the strength of the blast determines the length of time trapped in the sphere. Now trapped all alone, Daredevil wonders what if he is trapped forever!?

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