jonesdeini's Daredevil #4 review

The Devil Never Rests

After the Jobrani case Matt and Foggy hit pay dirt with there plan to advise clients. But their latest cases proves to keep Matt busy both in and out of the office.

The Good

This is without a doubt, one of the best covers I've ever seen. I mean, seriously, this thing is beautiful! I need poster of this ASAP!

I think this may be my favorite Daily Bugle headline page thus far. Love Mark Waid's sense of humor on this book.

The intro to this issue was great. Can we have Matt fight lions at the beginning of every issue for now on?

Mark Waid is truly a lucky writer, he gets both Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin on this book. Both have similar styles so there's a visual continuity but each also has their own unique signatures. This is Martin's first arc on the book and I can't wait to see more of his work.

One thing about this run I really enjoy is the connection of Matt's legal career and nighttime activities. It's not like it's never been done before, but Waid has a great handle on that.

I know I've said this every issue but it bears repeating, I'm reading a Daredevil run...and legitimately laughing, smiling, and have a fun time! I thought the "Hey! You're Daredevil!" stuff would get old but it has yet to. And the way it works out in this issue really hit my funny bone.

Waid has a great handle on Matt and Foggy's relationship.

I loved the montage of Matt aiding the citizens of NY on his way to their latest case. And I really liked the thing with his suit.

The Bad

This issue reads really briskly so it feels and there's not a lot of action to be had this go around.

There were less "Devil's eye view" art than usual. What's there is nice though.

The Verdict

Another issue of Daredevil that's sure fire buy. Daredevil's shaping up to be one of my most anticipated monthlies and will likely be one of the best on goings of 2011. Waid's Daredevil is fun breath of fresh air and if you're regularly following this title I suggest doing so with the quickness.


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