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The debut of the Purple Man, who first appears in this issue entering a bank and robbing it merely by asking the teller behind the counter to fill his briefcase with one hundred dollar bills, thus revealing his powers of suggestion. Once the teller realises what he has done, he contacts the police who arrest Killgrave.

When summoned before a judge, Killgrave states that he does not want a lawyer representing him. However the Court appoints Nelson and Murdock. As Foggy is busy in a litigation case, Matt decides to meet Killgrave. Taking Karen with him, the Purple Man tells him that he requires no assistance as he has no intention of staying locked up any longer. He demonstrates this by asking the guard to let him out. He then asks Karen to become his secretary and she agrees to do so without a moment's pause.

Murdock pursues Killgrave as Daredevil. As soon as the Purple Man espies the masked hero, he tries to persuade him that he is merely a tourist, not the Purple Man, convincing the crowds of people around him, though not Matt, whose powers seem to be protecting him against Killgrave's influence. However, the Purple Man is not fazed and asks the crowd to attack Daredevil whilst he escapes with Karen.

Whilst Matt returns to Nelson and Murdock and a distraught Foggy, the Purple Man visits a gym and manipulates the strong men working out within to be his bodyguards. Killgrave then takes over the top floor of a luxury hotel and now feels unbeatable.

Matt feels that Killgrave has broken no laws as he has merely requested people to acquiesce to his demands and so decides to use a tape recorder concealed within his billy club to obtain a confession from him about his powers. As Daredevil Matt easily defeats the Purple Man's minions. However, Killgrave takes Karen to the top of the hotel and orders her to jump off. Daredevil arrives just in time and surrenders to the Purple Man to prevent Karen jumping to her death.

Matt then asks Killgrave about how he got his powers. Killgrave reveals that he was a spy who was covered in purple nerve gas in a botched operation and this gave him his ability. Having caught his confession on tape, Daredevil attacks the Purple Man and takes Karen to safety.

Confronting Killgrave once again in a crowd, Daredevil quickly covers him with a chemically treated plastic sheet that seems to absorb his ability to influence others. Killgrave is then arrested.

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