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The Exterminator and The Super-Powered Unholy Three

After learning three of The Organizer’s former henchmen, The Ani-Men, have escaped from prison, Daredevil is out to stop their new crime wave. He tracks them down while they are lifting a safe out of a building and sets about brandishing some justice. DD fights Cat Man, Ape Man and Bird Man by himself and has the upper hand until he is thrown into a shop window. As he recovers the villains leave the safe and escape. As his opponents run away, Daredevil overhears them saying they are working for a new criminal called The Exterminator. The next morning at the office of Nelson & Murdock, Matt tells Foggy that he shouldn’t be afraid of telling the public he’s dating Debbie Harris just because she’s an ex-con. In fact if the public saw how Foggy gave her a second chance, it may help his prospects of becoming the D.A. Foggy and Karen both agree and a double date is set up between the four. Elsewhere in a secluded hideout, The Exterminator berates his ‘Unholy Three’ for getting defeated by Daredevil. He then announces that he’s completed developing the T-Ray which will help him become the master of mankind. The Exterminator explains to his goons that the T-Ray is a time displacement device that sends the victim into a limbo like dimension where they no longer exist in the current timeline. The length of time a victim disappears for is dependant on the settings of the T-Ray guns which are distributed to the Unholy Three.

Later that evening Matt, Karen, Foggy and Debbie are at a night club on their double date and Karen asks Matt to dance. The charming lawyer agrees but ensures he stumbles enough to protect his secret abilities. Meanwhile one of the Exterminator’s spy’s sees Foggy and Debbie and informs the villain of their presence. The Exterminator decides Debbie will make the perfect target, not least because she helped Daredevil jail The Ani-Men in the first place. On the way to the club, Exterminator explains he’s set the T-Ray guns to an indefinite period of time so to witnesses it will appear as if the victim has been disintegrated. He also warns his henchmen that although they each have a T-Ray gun, his has the master weapon. On arriving at the club The Exterminator waits in the car and sends The Unholy Three to attack Debbie Harris. On their way in, the three goons also zap a couple of security guards with their T-Rays. Once the Unholy Three reach the dance floor, the crowd sees them and starts panicking. Bird Man then flies over to Debbie and zaps her before Matt has a chance of reacting. The trio quickly flee and Foggy Nelson screams that Debbie’s been murdered. He turns to his partner Matt and shouts at him to call his brother Mike, who Foggy and Karen still believe to be Daredevil. However Matt’s radar sense can still pick up a blurred image of Debbie Harris and he realise she can’t be dead. As Matt Murdock ponders how Debbie could have disappeared if he still feels her presence, The Exterminator tells his goons that Daredevil himself will be next.

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