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Daredevil attacked by the Fantastic Four’s worst villain! That’s right; Doctor Doom has subdued Daredevil for his own dastardly plot. Why does Doom want to switch bodies with DD? Matt Murdock stands alone in his stickiest situation yet.

Daredevil finally has defeated The Trapster from last issue, but is quickly confronted by Doctor Doom. Too exhausted to put up a solid fight, Daredevil is knocked unconscious. Onlookers from the street conspire amongst each other to help daredevil by jumping Doctor Doom. However Doctor Doom puts up an invisible force field around the concerned onlookers, preventing their intervention.

Doctor Doom carries the weaken Daredevil to his awaiting car where he tells his driver to take them to the Latverian embassy. While in the car, Daredevil decides to fight back before his captors reach their destination. However Doctor Doom and his gang reach the embassy, and Daredevil is placed inside a dungeon. Inside the dungeon, Daredevil manages to find a trapdoor which leads to another part of the embassy that allows Doctor Doom to confuse Daredevils senses.

Doctor Doom then lures Daredevil in position to be trapped inside his "transformatron", where Doom and Daredevils bodies are switched in a body transferal. Making Doctor Doom appear to be Daredevil and vice-versa. Story continues next issue

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