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The Name Of The Game Is Mayhem!

Daredevil arrives at the Baxter Building to find The Invisible Woman glued to the floor. He hears a ticking sound inside a drawer and realises it must be a bomb. Using his Bully club, DD swings the bomb outside where it immediately explodes. Mister Fantastic and Human Torch hear the explosion and rush back home where Sue Richards explains Daredevil rescued her. The Trapster arrives on his anti-gravity glider to see if his booby trap had worked and DD asks for first crack at him. Ol’ Hornhead dives onto The Trapster’s glider and after overpowering the villain, crash lands in Central Park. Trapster makes a run for it with DD in chase. Eventually Daredevil catches his target as he dives into the subway, but the impact causes both men to crash down the stairs and DD wrenches his back. On the verge of unconsciousness, Daredevil hears the cops arresting The Trapster but they fail to notice DD who has rolled onto the tracks. A pain wracked and groggy Daredevil then hears armoured footstep approaching and thinks it may be Iron Man. However on looking up, The Man Without Fear sees standing over him is none other than Doctor Doom!

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