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Trapster has a plan to attack the Fantastic Four all by himself. He disguises himself as Daredevil and goes to the Baxter Building. Susan Storm sees him on the monitor and lets him in, thinking he is Daredevil. However, when Trapster arrives at the room where the Invisible Girl is located, she knows something is wrong when he begins speaking to her. However, she is too late to use her force field, as Trapster swiftly pastes her to the floor with his paste gun. Then in a plan reminiscent of Fantastic Four #38 when Susan Storm was placed next to the Wizard's Q-bomb, he plants a bomb in her room and makes it so sensitive that it will explode when the next person enters the room. Trapster says farewell to the Invisible Girl, confident that this time she is finished for good! Daredevil hears Trapster leaving and he suspects that something is wrong. The cliffhanger ending has Daredevil at the window to Susan Storm's room and he is about to open the window which will cause the bomb to explode!

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