jonesdeini's Daredevil #3 review

Silent Echoes

Matt faces off against Klaw, "The Master of Sound".

The Good

Really been enjoying the covers on this series.

The Daily Bugle intros to each issue are a nice little touch that add a unique flavor to this comic.

Matt facing off against Klaw is something I've never seen before and don't believe has been done until now. I mean it's an ideal so perfect in it's simplicity that it strikes me as odd that this face off hasn't occurred until now. By issue's end Waid really me sympathize with Klaw's motivations. He also uses this encounter to set up some interesting future story elements.

This issue had a lot of action which Rivera illustrated beautifully. Daredevil truly is one of the best looking books on the market. And they way in which Matt's heightened sensory perception (or lack thereof) is illustrated has yet to impress me.

For the first time in a very, very longtime Daredevil is fun to read again. The banter between Matt and Foggy is topnotch and Waid has a superb grasp on both men. The humor in this book has been truly refreshing and the interplay between Matt's day job and night time activities adds an added level of enjoyment. If one scene perfectly encapsulates all the things I've been loving about this book it's the end of the issue with Matt and Foggy having some brews...and Matt puttin' the moves on some ladies.

The Bad

Despite coming out twice this month I still have to wait til the 21st for more awesomeness.

The Verdict

This one is most definitely a buy. Waid and Rivera deliver another superb, action packed, fun filled issue of Daredevil. If you haven't been checking out this current run then you owe it to yourself to do so.


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