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Looking for Stilt-Man, Daredevil bumps into Spider-man and asks him if he's seen him.  Elsewhere, the Masked Marauder is inviting Stilt-Man to team up with him, impressing him with his new invention - a force field.  The Marauder wants Stilt-Man's help in kidnapping the three members of the Nelson & Murdock staff, believing that at least one of them knows the man without fear's secret identity.

Going to Nelson & Murdock and using a gas bomb, the Stilt-Man renders Matt, Foggy and Karen unconscious.  Hovering overhead in a helicoptor, the Masked Marauder takes the three captives passed to him by the Stilt-Man away.  Tied up, Matt tells the Marauder that  his 'twin', Mike is Daredevil.

Stilt-Man is sent by the Marauder to look for Mike Murdock.  Whilst on the hunt, Spider-man appears and recognises the guy that Daredevil has described to him.  They battle. 

Meanwhile, the Masked Marauder, now that he thinks he knows who Daredevil is, demands that Matt, at gunpoint, jump from the copter.  Matt fights back and maneouvres his hands in such a way that Farnum shoots through the ropes binding his hands.  Matt then jumps out of the copter and changes into Daredevil whilst holding on to its base.

Back inside, listening carefully to the Masked Marauder's pulse rate, Daredevil realises that his foe is the building manager, Farnum.  Whilst he and Daredevil fight in the copter, he loses balance and falls out of the whirlybird.  Breaking away from Spidey, Stilt-Man confronts DD with a gun but it shortcircuits and Stilt-Man falls unconscious into the river below. 

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