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Daredevil takes Stilt Man to court! After his attempt to rescue Leap Frog from the stand goes awry, Stilt-Man faces the wrath of Daredevil. The American judicial systems as you’ve never seen it before! Plus, the civilian identity of Masked Marauder revealed!

Still adopting the charade of Mike Murdock, Matt watches Foggy defend the Leap Frog in court. The court orders the Leap Frog to put on his spring boots in an attempt to prove his guilt. With his boots on however the Leap Frog seizes the moment to leap out of the courtroom window. Forgetting he is three stories up, he breaks his leg when he falls, right in front of the Stilt Man.

The Stilt-Man, Wilbur Day, reveals that the effects of the condensor that shrank him seemingly out of existence eventually wore off and he has returned with a stronger armour, which make him a difficult opponent for Daredevil to subdue.

Meanwhile the Masked Marauder breaks into the offices of Nelson and Murdock looking for clues to Daredevil's identity. The Marauder takes off his mask and reveals himself to be building manager, Frank Farnum.

Farnum turns up at the courthouse just in time to see Daredevil defeat Stilt-Man. However, before the police can arrive on the scene, Farnum bundles Day into the back of his van. Daredevil, spotting Farnum, calls him by name. Suddenly, the building manager realises that the man without fear must know him personally and it gives him an incentive to try to find out his identity for himself.

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