theacidskull's Daredevil #26 - Punching Cancer review

I'd Call That A Victory


Mark waid has been giving us a thrilling new take on one of marvels well-known heroes, and each time he has been building up to something big, and this issue shows us a huge bang.

Matt is the man without fear, but for the first time, he is afraid, he is nervous . Mark waid breaks down Matts character and build him up again in the very same issue. now for a daredevil fan this idea or concept my be unacceptable at first , but once you learn the reason to why matt becomes so paranoid, you would immediately understand that personal fear had nothing to do with it. Matt is tested beyond his physical capabilities here, he is mentally torn up, but the fact that he can hold himself together shows great character strength.

Mark waid knows what he is doing. only he could re-introduce one of daredevils most well-known villains and re-invent him completely. Up until this point Bullseye has been a killing machine, but he has never been a master planner, but thats a little concept mark waid takes advantage of, bullseye is not only a weapon anymore, but an a master planer. he has managed to tear down matt murdock down throughout waids series, and he still didn't manage to break him. This is an interesting idea because when Bullseye does in fact come back, he will not only be a great combatant, but also an guy who could outsmart daredevil and bait him into a trap.

Foggy and matt gathering and contemplating on the clues is awesome as well, and daredavil using his head for a new plan was also cool, he is out matched, but he can get crafty, which yet again shows matts quick thinking.

I love ikari, i really love the idea waid comes up with, an evil none blind daredevil, equally skilled, but more ferocious. I really hope that the final battle will be beyond epic.

The EXTRA part about foggy and the children was beautiful, seriously. it's a touching short fun story, where kids, patients don't care about their position and just have fun, they have a bright outlook on life, which teaches foggy a good lesson, and it's quite frankly amazing. also loved the ending metaphor , where it's implied that Daredevil/matt will be foggy's liberation from cancer. In short this was amazing, and you should pick it up

Recommendation: If you read this far you should probably know the answer.

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