theacidskull's Daredevil #25 review

One Of THE Best Marvel Current Comics.

i've heard dozens of complaints over the new direction mark waid has taken Matt in, and maybe i can understand that, i guess that people have warmed up to the fact that Daredevil was always gritty and dark, but i seriously doubt or i seriously don't understand why anyone would dislike this.

well, to start off, i'll say that someone who has been tortured by life, the same way matt has been , will no doubt come across a situation where he either wants to forget the past, and make a fresh start, but as we all know, when you have gone through the same difficulties as daredevil, thats not an easy task right? thats the concept mark waid has grasped, matt has gone through some seriously dark stuff, and we all know he won't be able to just turn that off, but he tries, and this attempt is very intriguing to observe.

Also, By now people should very well know, that mark waid likes to plant seeds that would eventually grow into something much more interesting and big. thats Exactly what we see in this issue. But before i get to that, i have to mention the villain, who is, quite amazing actually. When reading upon a hero, we like to see enemies that will match the Hero in their power, because if the villain isn't a real threat, that reflects on the hero as well. Mark waid managed to create an awesome opponent for daredevil, and at the same time he managed to stay true to matts history and characterization, which is exactly what a good story should be about.

the self narrative is amazing, seriously, every detail of the fight is explained in an awesome , interesting way that will make the experience so much better. and as for the fight? HOLY CR*AP! the details in the fight were astonishing, daredevil had to work at his maximum best and it still wasn't enough! the brawl was so intense that it got me very excited , each page was better than the last one, and the fight itself really tested not only daredevil, but also the artist, as well as the writers skills.

I have to admit that I haven't read a fight or a story this good in a VERY long time, pick this up, you won't regret it.

Recommendation : YES DAMMIT!

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Can't wait for it looks amazing!

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