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Daredevil takes on the three men morphed into the Tri-Man to secure the Masked Marauder’s Maggia membership. That is, assuming the Marauder’s men defeat Daredevil! Matt Murdock channels the boxing in his blood to take down Gladiator and Masked Marauder in one fell swoop!

Having defeated the Tri-Man at Madison Square Garden, the Masked Marauder uses his levitation ray to transport both the android and Daredevil back to his base, with the intention of absorbing Daredevil's abilities into the Tri-Man. Once at the base, however, Daredevil breaks out of the plex-glass dome in which he is imprisoned following being beamed to the Marauder's den and begins to battle the Gladiator and the other three underworld figures captured in the previous issue.

Whilst they battle, the Masked Marauder contacts the Maggia and offers to deliver the Gladiator and Daredevil to the (doublecrossing the Gladiator by doing so) via the levitation ray. He does so, landing the two foes in the middle of a Roman Colliseum, part of disused European movie set. Whilst the gangsters look on, Daredevil and the Gladiator duel.

During the fight, the Gladiator accidentally saws through the bars of a cage containing a lion. When Daredevil subdues and recaptures the beast, the Gladiator is so grateful that he refuses to fight on. The Maggia, disgusted with the Masked Marauder, break ties with him but ask the Gladiator to join them.

They also let Daredevil go, though he is now abandoned in the middle of Europe...

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