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Introducing the Tri-Man! The Masked Marauder and Gladiator create an android with the characteristics of their three best men, and stage a boxing match to put it to the test! But with Matt, Foggy, and Karen in attendance, will this boxing match be a strictly spectator sport?

The issue opens with Daredevil and Judge Lewis still trying to maneouvre the Owl's mechanical bird to safety, following the conclusion of the previous story. Daredevil does manage to land the craft and get clear just before the Owl sets off a remote explosive. However, unable to detect the Owl, Matt returns to the offices of Nelson and Murdock, which are deserted as Karen and Foggy have gone for dinner. Matt makes the decision that he will tell Karen of his true feelings for her.

Elsewhere the Masked Marauder and the Gladiator are scheming to take over crime cartel, the Maggia. The Marauder has created an android called the Tri-Man into within which he means to incorporate three humans. As such he uses a device called a levitation ray to teleport three low lifes, the Mangler, the Dancer and the Brain and then downloads their skills into his android.

The Tri-Man then interrupts a fight at Madison Square Garden and challenges Daredevil to meet him there immediately for a duel. Matt persuades Karen to drive him to the stadium and there confronts the Tri-Man. As they battle, the Masked Marauder and the Gladiator look on, spotting Foggy and Karen in the crowd. When it looks as though Daredevil has the upper hand, the Masked Marauder announces through a PA that he must surrender or he will kill Franklin Nelson and Karen Page.

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