the_mighty_monarch's Daredevil #21 review

Howl of the Coyote

It's hard to review Daredevil consistently. How many times can you say 'OH MY GOD THIS SERIES IS AMAZING' before it gets redundant? Well let's see what I can do new this time... Samnee's art is just stunning, I am now enamored with the way he depicts Daredevil's radar sense, and he really does an outstanding job showing the twisted, deformed monster The Spot has become.

Someone went to great lengths to create Coyote just to screw with Daredevil, and though we don't get too many answers on that front, we're opened up to the idea of a significantly larger conspiracy. At least we now know that The Spot and Coyote are two separate people, which honestly makes more sense and clears up some of the chaos of the previous issue. But who is it trying to screw with Daredevil? Is it one of the major syndicates? It has to be someone who REALLY knows him though, because they went to such intense and brilliant lengths to create that sense of insanity enough to fool even Foggy.

And oh there is quite a bit of fallout to deal with now that Daredevil's proved his relative sanity. It's actually kind of hard to say who's more in the wrong in this situation, but either way it's kind of heartbreaking to see such a bitter fallout between such close friends. It's especially poignant when Foggy accuses Matt of a different breed of insanity, followed by a moment that is both heart wrenching and heart warming. And then speaking of friends.... the final page is REALLY compelling, as we get our first look at the forthcoming Superior Spider-Man, and damn am I intrigued.

In Conclusion: 5/5

What can I say? Daredevil is amazing. I would easily put it on the same level as Fraction/Aja's amazing Hawkeye run for the best things Marvel's giving us right now.


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