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Whilst the Thing visits Nelson & Murdock to ask the lawyers to review the Fantastic Four's lease on the Baxter Building, Daredevil is tracking down a gang of car thieves, who are working for Electro. Thwarted, Electro catches a news item, informing him that the Fantastic Four are going to be out of town and decides to break in to the Baxter Building at the same time as Matt Murdock visits the building.

Sensing danger on his arrival, Matt puts his Daredevil costume on. Elektro, using the FF's surveillance equipment, spots the hero and they battle. Defeating Daredevil, Electro places his unconscious form into one of Mr Fantastic's space rockets and launches him into space.

Regaining consciousness, Daredevil is able to reset the rocket's controls and returns to earth. First using a horse and then by hanging on to the base of a helicopter, Daredevil returns to the Baxter Building, where he arrives just in time to catch Electro in the act of opening up Mr Fantastic's safe where he stores his designs.

Electro escapes and Daredevil chases him to a nearby theatre where, after a brief battle, Electro becomes trapped in a stage curtain and is then arrested by the police. Daredevil then returns Mr Fantastic's secrets to his vault. The Fantastic Four turn up at Nelson & Murdock and ask for Murdock's work on the lease but leave disappointed when Murdock tells them that he hasn't had time to deal with it.

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