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Matt can't bring himself to believe that Elektra is truly gone and so proceeds to dig up her grave. Meanwhile, Punisher breaks out from prison.

Overview (Spoliers)

Daredevil is certain that his beloved Elektra is alive and this knowledge is driving him crazy. He is bound to find out the truth if she is still alive. What will he do? Where will he go to find the truth And when he does will he be able to bare the it?

Along with Daredevil loosing his mind over the death of Elektra, The Punisher is still in prison (See The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15) and he hasn't stopped his vigilante spree, continuing to kill inside the prison itself. That is until someone comes to him with a deal and a way for him to get out. He kills a few convicts on his way out, and escapes via helicopter. After setting up a ambush against a gang of drug importers, he corners the last man standing who drops his gun and surenders. The Punisher then coldly shoots him trough the neck. The dead man is revealed to be fourteen years old.

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