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When Daredevil and Urich continue to dig on the Cherryh story, Elektra is dispatched to put a stop to their muckraking.

Ben Urich meets with a witness in a cinema. Elektra kills the witness right in front of Ben and threatens him to not interfere with Cherryh winning the election.

Urich continues to tell the story from his point of view. He calls Matt and tells him about the killing, Matt realizes it's Elektra and tells Ben about her.

Ben confronts Cherryh and is attacked by his thugs. Daredevil steps in and saves Ben. He overhears Cherryh talking about a meeting the next day with the Kingpin. But Matt knows he is busy then and tells Ben to wait for another chance.

Ben goes to the meeting anyway and sees the Kingpin arriving. But he also sees his supposedly dead wife Jessica there. She is pushed away by the Kingpin's thugs and Ben follows her to the subway.

Ben's wife is unhappy that he always chases big stories but before he can calm her, he gets a call and has to leave again. He gets a tip for a mistress Cherryh is seeing. Daredevil shows up and doubts it, assuming it's a trap. He goes to the hotel and after some fighting Elektra arrives. Ben watches the fight in fascination, taking photos. She traps Matt eventually and lets a wall tumble upon him.

When she hears Ben coughing, she throws her spike, piercing him.

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