englentine's Daredevil #16 - Enter... Spider-Man! review

Daredevil Vs. Spiderman

  The Masked Marauder sends his men dressed as Daredevil to attack Spiderman.  Spiderman is completely fooled by the ruse, and when he sees Daredevil the next time, he attacks him without warning.  The two exchange blows, but Daredevil suggests they calm down and talk things over.   Spiderman responds by kicking him in the face. 
 Hearing that the two heroes are fighting, the Marauder takes advantage and sends his men to rob a bank. In the meantime, Spiderman continues to not listen and attack Daredevil. 
  When the two are finished fighting, they find out that they are being accused of luring the cops away from the Marauder so he could rob the bank. Each convinced of their own innocence, but suspicious of the other.  The book  ends with Spidey swinging by the offices of Murdock and Nelson. His Spidey Sense goes off, warning him that Daredevil is in the office. 
  Spiderman bursts through the window, and dismissing the Blind Murdock and female Karen Page, he accuses Foggy Nelson of being Daredevil.  
  COVER : 
 Not the best of the series, Daredevil and Spiderman look okay, but I am not a fan of the out of focus cityscape below them. It puts the cover off in my opinion. 
Still smooth, but in this instance we just do not get a lot of details in the background.  it doesn't make the book bad, but compared to others, this falls a bit short.  The main characters, and the battles look great. The way the panels are laid out are nearly spectacular.  
 STORY :  
The story is okay I guess. There is a bit of Silver Age silliness with the Marauder sending his men in Daredevil costumes to beat up Spidey. However, it is Spiderman acting way out of character that destroys the story. He is so stubborn in his refusal to listen to reason, he borders on being sociopathic. 
  Otherwise, it could have been a decent story, and a fun comic. Instead I wanted to see the fight end, and let them just get on with it.

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